Vision and Mission


To create a stunningly improved neighbourhood in Chittaranjan Park and its outer periphery where enhanced welfare services, particularly medical, health and legal consultancy services will be rendered to distressed individuals and Senior Citizens.

Life is priceless and sound health is precious as one grows old. Our vision of welfare – Help and Heal will be carried out in harmony with the local environment. Establishing linkage with oversight agencies and contact with the community through regular exchange of information, will be a regular feature. A permanent forum will be established to ensure and maximize flow of benefits of medical services to the community.


Members of the Trust represent a perfect blend of Youth and Experience, with gender and peripheral equity balance. Our mission is to build on the past experiences of managing medical services efficiently and promote the welfare of the distressed and senior residents.

We wish to achieve this through improved delivery of services to residents of Chittaranjan Park and outer periphery.

Our Team members are all experienced, have been involved in various welfare activities and other community, social, and personal health services. They are selfless, credible and hardworking individuals who are committed to give their time, efforts and services for these welfare activities.