The Genesis

In the aftermath of Covid pandemic, some likeminded residents of Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, mostly comprising of retired Government Officials and Defence Personnel, Corporate Honchos, Able Professionals, joined hands to form a trust to help assist the aged and the lonely people of the area through healthcare and other support, provide education to the underprivileged children as also provide Environmental Awareness, besides other activities.

The thoughts and vision of these concerned citizens took shape with the formation of Help and Heal Foundation Trust, which was registered with the Delhi Government on 17th January 2023 and starting working from its office at D-674A, Ground Floor, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi–110009.

Thereafter it was registered with Niti Aayog (DL/2023/0337297) on 7th February 2023, and with Income Tax Department under Sections 12A for receiving donations as well as under Section 80G to enable individuals or organizations to get income tax deductions for donations made to the Foundation.

We the Board of Trustees and Members of Help and Heal Foundation Trust are confident and undertake to work relentlessly in our mission of providing succour to all those in need, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, social standing or any other considerations.

We Pledge

To provide help and wellbeing of elderly persons, distressed women and children in Delhi and NCR

To create and develop cordial relationships between youth and elder generations by organizing interactive programmes and cultural activities
To strengthen the ability, value and dignity of elderly persons through various initiatives like De-stressing, Therapy, Yoga, Meditation etc
To arrange or provide necessary medical care in case of emergency, extend necessary help and guidance for elderly persons
To provide necessary legal help and guidance for matters relating to drafting and execution of Will, Property related issues, Filing of IT Returns, and advise on Financial matters
To help poor and organize relief facilities to distressed people
To provide basic educational facilities, help and assist underprivileged children
To promote Social, Literary and Cultural activities
To help other organizations, societies, institutions, engaged in various Social, Cultural and Welfare activities
To develop Clean and Green Environment viz. Carbon Footprint, Tree Plantation, Waste Management etc
To appeal individuals, corporates, NGOs, Govt organizations, Companies etc to donate funds to fulfill social responsibilities of the Trust
To organize Socio-Cultural activities viz Book Fair, Mela, Sporting Activities, Literary Programmes etc to promote and encourage local talents
To help local bodies for eradication of difficulties caused due to natural calamities
To provide assistance to needy families for a decent funeral of their deceased family members