Spread the Word

Help and Heal Foundation Trust aims to help all those in need irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, beliefs or social standings, through its various initiatives including healthcare, education, environmental awareness, and much more.

Besides, the foundation also works towards conducting cultural activities in its area to bring out the feeling of competition and leadership to the young ones, as well as promoting cooperation and well being in various sections of our society.

We invite you to be a part of our endeavour of making a positive impact in the lives of people by assisting in our initiatives as well as spreading the word to people you are connected with, the way it suits you.

You can spread information of the good work being done by the foundation through word of mouth to your friend and known persons, while also inviting them to join us in any form to serve the society at large.

In today’s online connectivity, you can post and share details of our forthcoming activities on your social media accounts viz Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, while also circulate on your WhatsApp groups. You can also showcase the impact created by our initiatives through the details shared on our social media.

Moreover, you can also connect us to the organizations you are working with to request them to fund us through their CSR budgets, or assist us in any other way they can do.

By spreading the word about the good causes we are working for, you will not only help us in realizing our efforts, but will also assist us in growing our community rapidly.

So, Join hands with us for Creating Awareness of our work!