Senior Citizen Assistance

Senior citizens are an integral part of our society as they have toiled hard all their lives bringing up families, inculcating values and working towards development of the country.

In these modern times, most senior citizens, from affluent as well as poor families live a lonely life as their children live in far flung areas owing to their professions, and in some cases parents are deserted by their off-springs, who want to live their own lives.

Hence in their golden years the elderly people deserve to be looked after and ensured that their final journey of life passes in peace without problems.

Help and Heal Foundation Trust has charted various programs to help Senior Citizens from all sections of our society to live trouble free retired lives with dignity and security.

To help seniors combat loneliness and depression, the volunteers at the foundation work towards creating and developing cordial relationships between youth and elder generations by organizing interactive programmes, meetings and cultural activities.

For engagement of seniors along with strengthening their ability, value and dignity, the foundation undertakes initiatives like De-stressing, Therapy, Yoga and Meditation, which also helps in maintaining their good health and well-being.

Another area where seniors need help is legal and financial matters.

In this regard we provide legal help and guidance for matters relating to drafting and execution of Will, Property related concerns, and other paperwork relating to their property taxes, municipal matters, passport, and so on.

Moreover, financial professionals linked to the foundation assist the senior citizens for issues of taxes, filing of IT Returns, as well as advise them on financial matters relating to banking, savings and investments.

The seniors also get involved in Social, Literary and Cultural activities conducted under the aegis of the foundation including Book Fair, Mela, Sporting Activities, Literary Programmes etc to promote and encourage local talents.

Help and Heal Foundation Trust further envisages to work on conducting more programs and activities to involve and engage senior members of our society to enable them to spend their time in constructive work, thus making them happy and wanted in their final stages of life.