Healthcare for All

It is rightly said that “Health is Wealth”. Good Health implies not only absence of disease but also a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing. Loss of health is loss of happiness, whatever the age and status of the patient be. Hence Healthcare is an integral part of our lives which needs to be addressed by all.

Although India has made great progress in healthcare with the best of hospitals, qualified and experienced doctors, great infrastructure, but timely assistance to medical facilities is seldom available to people.

Help and Heal Foundation Trust was established in the aftermath of Covid 19 to primarily assist and provide sound qualitative and quantitative health care services to the community, both rich and poor, specifically in the Chittaranjan Park area of Delhi and its vicinity.

Our area comprises of a large number of affluent seniors who live alone as their children work in various parts of the world. These retired citizens many a times face medical emergencies which need immediate redressal, which if delayed, can cause irreparable loss of health and can even be life threatening.

The foundation, with many of its members from the Healthcare industry, endeavours to help and assist such distressed individuals in need of medical care by arranging immediate transportation, hospitalization, treatments and home care after discharge. The long standing experience of its members in the medical sector comes in handy as they have connections with hospitals, doctors and service providers.

Help and Heal Foundation Trust also provides relentless services to the underprivileged people living in and around Chittaranjan Park by guiding and advising them in case of medical needs and arranging low cost or free healthcare for them. Treatments are also done by doctors associated with the foundation.

The foundation also arranges visits of specialist doctors on a regular basis for providing free consultancy to one and all. Besides, Homeopathy Treatment, Magnet Therapy and Physiotherapy are also provided as per requirements. Doctor visits and ambulances are organised in case of emergencies.

Moreover, the foundation conducts Free Medical Camps wherein senior doctors from reputed hospitals check the attendees for various parameters required for good health, along with suggesting treatments in case any deficiency is found. Blood donation camps are also organized at regular intervals.

We are striving hard to scale up our operations in providing medical help to all those in need by increasing the number of volunteers, onboarding more healthcare professionals and by arranging financial assistance from concerned citizens and organizations.