Environment Awareness

In today’s world of industrialization, where environmental degradation is a growing concern, it is more critical than ever for people to understand the importance of environmental awareness and the role of education in it.

Human activities such as pollution, deforestation, and unabated construction activities have done immense harm to our environment, resulting in serious consequences for humans and the environment, such as climate change, habitat loss, and resource depletion. It is for this reason that environmental awareness is so important.

Help and Heal Foundation Trust endeavours to sensitize citizens, especially the younger generation, about the harms we are causing to the environment and the resultant loss to our future generations.

The foundation educates the masses about small steps to take for reducing pollution and making the environment healthy. Our volunteers strive hard to explain about the means to develop clean and green environment viz. Carbon Footprint, Tree Plantation, Waste Management, Plastic Ban, etc.

In this regard we conduct seminars and other programs like Tree Plantation Drive, Cleanliness Drive and take up other initiatives in which the young and old come together to clean our surroundings, thus setting an example to the common man for maintaining a clean and green environment.

Moreover, we also promote renewable energy usage as well as switching over to electric vehicles, which ultimately reduce pollution and help in creating a sustainable environment.

The foundation also plans to undertake Environmental awareness campaigns in schools, as it not only enhances students’ appreciation for our earth, but also promotes healthy behaviours, inspires future leaders, and improves the school environment.

We are of firm belief that small steps taken by the common man in this regard shall go a long way in environment protection, thus saving our future generations from the hardships and disastrous effects of damaging the environment.