Education for Underprivileged

In today’s time, education has become a challenging task for the poor children, especially those residing in urban areas.

The way food, water, clothes are necessary in our lives in the same way proper education is the only valuable asset that a human being can get to move ahead and achieve success.

But it is unfortunate that in our country, a large chunk of children from the underprivileged sections of society are still deprived of basic education.

The office bearers and volunteers of our Help and Heal Foundation Trust residing in the posh area of Chittaranjan Park in Delhi have been witnessing since long that children of the migrants, working as domestic helps or engaged in menial jobs living in the vicinity, do not get the required education facilities.

Although they study in free Govt schools, but they lack the support in grasping knowledge as their parents are uneducated and are so engrossed in earning their daily bread that they have no time to look after their children.

Help and Heal Foundation Trust works towards providing basic educational facilities, help and assistance to such underprivileged children through their dedicated young volunteers who teach and help in skilling them in various areas.

We envisage arranging regular training sessions and workshops for underprivileged children wherein our volunteers would be taking weekend classes as well as conducting extra curricular activities, which shall help in developing self confidence and building their personality.

Recently, we organised cultural programmes to encourage specially abled children, thus providing them a platform to demonstrate their talents, which created an atmosphere of joy specially for these specially abled children.

To work towards fulfilling our mission of educating children from the underprivileged sections of our society, we would appeal to all concerned citizens as well as corporations and organizations to provide financial and other support to the foundation, to enable us to play a significant role in bringing a positive change in the lives of such children.